Battle 503 is also called "In Order to be Loved"


Rimi explained to Miu that this battle was her loss, since she wanted power for the person she loved.

Rimi remebered that she defeated Chrono, the leader of Titan gang to become the new leader. But the other men decided to take her down while she was weakened to become the new leader. However, she was saved by Odin who didn't want to see her sustain any permanent injuries. Rimi continued to train so she could reunite with Odin one day and be loved for her strength.

Back in the present, Rimi unleashed her Dou ki. Rimi explains to Miu that her delay in unleashing her ki would be her downfall as she pounced on Miu.

At Kenichi's fight, Kenichi grabbed Berserker and threw him over. Berserker landed on his feet and wondered how Kenichi was able to have so much power in his slim body.

Elsewhere, Thor and the Valkyries were searching around and saw that there weren't any workers around. Niijima came and told them that Yomi was attacking the Shinpaku Alliance. Thor was feeling the pain from his injured shoulder which was why he wasn't being targeted. Niijima ordered everyone to regroup the remaining forces and prepare for combat to make everyone forget he was panicking.

Back at Miu's fight, Miu was trying to dodge Rimi's attacks, but was soon hit by her Ogata-Ryuu Hakudagekijin. Miu figured out that she was being hit by her heavy ki which made it too hard to redirect it. Rimi thrusted Miu underwater while claiming that she won.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Miu vs. Rimi: Round 3 (ongoing)
  • Kenichi vs. Berserker (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Rimi's past has been revealed


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