Battle 52 is also called "Kisara's Technique"


Somewhere in the streets, Kenichi was running to help Takeda, but doesn't know where. Miu spotted where Takeda is fighting from a high place and jumped down to show Kenichi the way.

At the battlefield, Kisara urged Takeda and Ukita to fight her both at once. Ukita quickly threw her at a wall, but Kisara jumped onto and kicked Ukita in the face to knock him out. Takeda went in for a punch, but Kisara blocked it with her foot explaining that leg's strength is thrice as much as arm strength. Takeda dodged a swing of Kisara only to be knocked straight down when Kisara changed the direction of the kick in mid-swing. Koga woke up and saw that Kisara defeat the two traitors, but Koga wanted to continue the lynching. Koga kicked Takeda for always treating the latter like a kid then have the others stomp on him. Koga then have two of Kisara's men hold onto Ukita as he jumped to a high area so he could break Ukita's arm. Luckliy for Ukita, Kenichi came and punched Koga from behind the metal fence. Kenichi attacked the guys that were beating up Takeda.

Elsewhere, Niijima gathered a few other students to destroy Kisara;s army.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Takeda and Ukita vs. Kisara (Winner: Kisara)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Niijima prepares something to battle Kisara's army


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