Battle 540 is titled "The Falsehood of the Power"


Emergency alerts are heard in the Prime Minister's residence as Seiji Ishida remarks that masters from Yami all over the world have now come out, making master fighters the new center of the world and increasing Yami's political power.  The Prime Minister is angered by Ishida's betrayal and Sakaki and Apachai release their ki and prepare to fight. 

However, Saiga Fūrinji asks if they would want to be fighting right now as Shigure] is engaging 7 members of the Hachiō Executioner Blade on the ship.  Apachai and Kensei prepare to leave to rescue Shigure and admits Ryōzanpaku's loss to Yami's strategy.  Akisame lingers to talk to Saiga who believes that they would not make it to the boat in time, even though Miu might be on the boat.  Saiga responds callously and Akisame is surprised by his reaction, though when he mentions that "the man who you allowed to use your tekkō" is protecting Miu, Saiga agrees before walking away.

Back on the ship, Shigure and Mildred Lawrence are battling.  The female archer attacks Shigure with her arrows but Shigure manages to dodge them using her immense speed. The bow master dodges Shigure´s counterattack (mocking the Katsujin-ken in the process) and shoots an arrow at Shigure, who catches the arrow with her fingers.  Shigure then takes hold of her opponent's bow and shoots an arrow in the archer's stomach using Kōsaka-Style: Kagamibanare.

The bow master catches the arrow before it hits, but is visibly angry at the fact that she was attacked with her own weapon.Mihai Știrbey tells the bow master to calm down as Shigure is provoking her, despite Kenichi and Miu being held hostage.  Kenichi tries to think of a way to escape and tells Miu to escape to the sea when they have a chance (within earshot of Știrbey).  Kenichi claps and begins to dance inexplicably, which gives them an opening to escape: through having many experiences with masters he has learned that even masters momentarily freeze in the face of unexplained useless movements. 

Kenichi and Miu's escape is blocked by Marmaduke Brown and Știrbey prepares to attack as he only needs one hostage.  Miu attacks but is knocked away and Kenichi retaliates, though Schtilvay decides they no longer need hostages and attacks to kill.  A speedboat is seen approaching and two fighters arrive, parrying Știrbey's strike and rescuing Kenichi.  As Știrbey wonders who dares to go against Yami, the new arrivals are revealed to be Christopher Eclair and Mycroft, responding they also are of Yami.

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