Battle 545 is titled "The Man Who Knows That Mouse"


Shigure asks the person in samurai armor how he knows Tōchūmaru's name, wondering if they have fought before.  The Hachiō Samurai does not answer, telling her to surrender because it is impossible to escape.  Shigure takes a fighting stance with the broken Yami blade she has stolen and the samurai states that he would have to hurt her to subdue her.  

Shigure charges in towards the samurai and they exchange a flurry of strkes.  The samurai compliments Shigure on being able to do so much with only a broken blade, as she is able to jump over him and prepare to escape.  The samurai speedily blocks her path and knocks her away, saying that his speed is not affected by the armor.  He attacks with his weapons (a kama-yari and a spear) as Shigure uses her blade to brace against the impact.  The impact of the strike caused Shigure to stagger but she is able to dodge the samurai's next attacks and attacks with Kōsaka-Ryū: Tsumujikaze.  As the attack is about to hit the samurai, he is able to parry the blow using a technique from the Kōsaka School as well, Kōsaka-Ryū: Yoroigaeshi.  The samurai is able to break Shigure's blade but she grabs a weapon from the samurai's quiver, using it to break down a wall. 

The samurai is surprised that she was able to steal a weapon from him and Shigure asks the samurai to reveal himself.  He says that she has gotten stronger that he had expected and he takes off his helmet.  Shigure is surprised as the samurai's face is revealed and she exclaims "Brother!" in shock.  The samurai takes advantage of Shigure's shock and begins attacking.  He reminds Shigure that in the past he had told her if she became extremely skilled with weapons that they one day meet again.

At Ryōzanpaku Kenichi is practicing against a wooden post, with a look of seriousness on his face.  Miu passes by and notices that he is using a weird stance, Kenichi answers that it was a sword stance that Shigure has taught him before.  Kenichi wonders if he can use it despite not having a weapon and declares that he has always learned from Shigure but has never practiced what he was taught.  Miu is touched by Kenichi's determination and the other masters of Ryōzanpaku are seen observing Kenichi's training with serious faces.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Shigure Kosaka vs. Hachiō Samurai

Chapter NotesEdit


  • On the last page Ma Kensei is seen reading his book upside down.  This is a trait that he displays when he is troubled.


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