Okamoto, the Shinpaku Alliance captains, and some soldiers are walking through the forest on their way to the Yami base.  Takeda comments on the palpable tension they are feeling for being on the battlefield and a soldier asks how they are able to maintain their demeanor despite being young.  Freya responds that they have been hardened by their experiences in many battlefields.  A soldier adds that Miu (who is innocently watching a butterfly) is acting too relaxed and Thor agrees, saying that Miu is a "whole different story".

Kisara tries to talk to Okamoto, who tells her to be quiet and asks if they are ready for battle.  While the soldiers are unable to sense the enemy, Kenichi prepares his tekkou as he feels killing intent around them.  Okamoto states that the enemy is above them as a group of sword-wielding soldiers from Yami strike from above.  Kenichi protects a soldier from an attack as the fighting begins around them. 

Guns are not effective on the enemy soldiers as they are wearing protective combat gear.  Kenichi saves another soldier and hits the enemy through the armor with Soutenshuu.  The enemy soldier is knocked unconscious and Thor adds that impact attacks are still effective against the enemy's armor.  Okamoto volunteers that he stay behind to defeat the rest of the soldiers as the commotion can distract Yami and allow the disciples to sneak inside the missile base.  Niijima asks if he's sure about his suggestion since the outcome of the war hinges on the success of their mission; Okamoto repeats the same words that the Katsujinken masters said to the disciples ("I know you guys will come through.") and states that he'll place his faith in the disciples as well.

Okamoto orders one of the soldiers to lead the way for the Shinpaku Alliance and tells Kenichi to keep his eyes on Miu.  They take a rest near a waterfall and Niijima states that they have managed to travel to the other side of the island and are close to the base.  They sense a presence and the Shinpaku Alliance is blocked by the remaining disciples of Yomi (with the exception of Kajima Satomi) who are gathered at the top of the waterfall.  Kenichi announces that they are opponents as they prepare to engage in battle.

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