Battle 61 is also called "Hermit's True Identity!"


The masters of Ryouzanpaku were walking home with some honey bread Miu likes as a present for her. They see Kenichi and Miu take the long way back, but Akisame suggests they wait for them at home. Miu asks Kenichi about the Yin-Yang badge he always wears. Kenichi said he got this badge ever since he was a kid after trading it for a cat badge and never took it off for some reason. Ma was hoping that Kenichi and Miu would kiss until Hermit showed up in front of them. Hermit used a quick strike, but Miu pushed Kenichi out of the way. Miu kicked from above, but Hermit ducked and countered with a sweep kick. Hermit managed to knock Kenichi off the highway, but the latter landed on a bus that was speeding by then Hermit jumped onto the same bus. Hermit then asked Kenichi if his master was Sougetsu Ma, but Kenichi said one of his master was Kensei Ma. Miu told Akisame, Shigure, and Apachai that Kenichi is fighting Hermit on a speeding bus, but Aksiame told her that Sakaki and Ma were already chasing them.

On the bus, Hermit explained to Kenichi that he's fighting Kenichi while risking his life, because he the former hates the latter. Kenichi figured out that Hermit was Natsu Tanimoto when Hermit kept talking about having to always wear a mask just to live. Kenichi went in for a punch only for Hermit to flip over it and the latter explaining he'll show the former the true form of Chinese Martial Arts. Kenichi feels like he's fighting one of Ryouzanpaku masters and believes he can't win.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi and Miu vs. Hermit (undecided, Kenichi and Hermit fought on a bus without her)
  • Kenichi vs. Hermit (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit


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Clash with the Fists Arc (anime)
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