Battle 68 is also called "Blood Relative"


Miu was worried about Kenichi being out in the middle of the night. Shigure told her that he went with Ma.

At the Market Street of Chinatown, Renka insulted Kenichi for being scared and warned him that he may not come back alive from the mafia offices. Kenichi suggested to Renka about talking to Sougetsu about stopping Chinatown's Harassments peacefully.

Inside, Renka kicked open a door with two guys behind it. The mob boss had his men prepare to use explosives to burn down Hakubi's shop and surprised that Sougetsu doesn't care about what happens to his family as long as he gets to drink and fight. Renka sensed that her uncle was killing someone nearby and pushed Kenichi out of the way. Sougetsu Ma killed his employer by knocking him through a solid wall. Sougetsu thought he sensed Ma near by, but insteads sees Kenichi and Renka. Sougetsu was about to leave, but Renka attacks him for using the family name in disgrace. Sougegtsu pushes Renka on one of the walls and crushes her with his ki. Kenichi told Sougetsu that he's killing his niece, but Sougetsu claimed he has no blood relatives. Luckily, Ma camed to the rescue and had Kenichi leave with an injured Renka. Ma was sad to see that his brother couldn't return to the right path. Kenichi saw the way brother clasped their fists signaling a fight to the death. Sougetsu started the fight with a punch that shattered all the windows behind Kensei Ma with ki, but Kensei Ma dodged it. Kenichi realized he's witnessing a battle between two master class fighters.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Renka Ma vs. Sōgetsu Ma (Winner: Sōgetsu)
  • Kensei Ma vs. Sōgetsu Ma (started)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kensei Ma wanted Sōgetsu to return to the right path of being a martial artist, but failed
  • Kensei Ma and Sōgetsu began their battle


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