Battle 69 is also called "Thanks"


As the battle between Kensei and Sougetsu Ma progress, Renka wanted Kenichi to follow them. Kenichi and Renka were amazed with fight between Kensei of Gentle Fist and Sougetsu of the Destructive Fist. Suddenly, the injured mob boss had his men blow up the building the Ma borthers were in for revenge of Sougetsu's betrayal. The explosions caused Kensei to fall into Sougetsu's punch, but Sougetsu received many blows before falling to the ground. Kensei Ma explained that weapons don't kill people, the ones who wielded them do. Kensei Ma then explained that he stronger by having strong friends while Sougetsu trained alone. Sougetsu told his brother that he had no where to go, because everyone feared his power and while they adored Kensei Ma's power. Kensei Ma took Kenichi and Renka to an elevator to leave Sougetsu to die as a martial artist, but Kenichi wanted Sougetsu to live. However, Sougetsu pushed Kenichi into the elevator. After that, the mafia was captured, but Sougetsu was nowhere to be found.

Back at Ryouzanpaku dojo, it took a while for Kensei Ma to get back to normal. Ma told Kenichi it was okay to leave Renka back in Chinatown and says Ryouzanpaku was his home.

However back at Hakubi's shop, Renka was mad that her dad left and wanted to drag him back into China though she wishes to see Kenichi again.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kensei Ma vs. Sougetsu Ma (Winner: Kensei Ma)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Sougetsu Ma was defeated and left to die inside a burning building, but his body wasn't found
  • Renka develops a crush for Kenichi


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