Battle 70 is called "Shinpaku Alliance...Formation"


At Ragnarok hideout, the fists were concerned about the Shinpaku Alliance and Hermit's disappearance so Loki devises a plan to gather info on them.

At school, Miu wanted to walk home with Kenichi until she saw that Kenichi received a love letter from a girl at their school. Miu quickly left with Kenichi thinking she's jealous. Niijima brought the Shinpaku Alliance into the room to announce the three generals (Kenichi, Takeda, and Ukita) in the gang. Unfortunately, the three strongest all beat Niijima for tricking them into going into a meeting.

At Ryouzanpaku, Kenichi was talking to Ma and Sakaki about the love letter while training. Kenichi was only interested in Miu. Miu overheard Kenichi's talk about the love letter while cleaning until Akisame saw her while playing his guitar. Apachai and Shigure brought Niijima into the dojo while tying him up with a chain to show Kenichi as they thought he's a ruffian. Niijima explained that Loki was going to meet with Niijima tomorrow for a peaceful talk, but wanted the masters of Ryouzanpkau to come and protect him. Unfortunately, Kenichi denied letting his masters help and didn't want to go either.

At a cafe where Niijima and Loki were suppose to meet, Niijima brought everyone from the Shinpaku Alliance except Kenichi, Takeda and Ukita despite suppose to come alone. Loki was solving a Wire Puzzle. Niijima bluffed to Loki about the men he brought were stronger than the Eight Fists, but Loki showed him a real ambush by calling his men out of hiding to surround the Shinpaku Alliance. Kenichi was strolling outside in a suit Ma bought him to turn down the girl that gave Kenichi the love letter. Kenichi saw Niijima and the Shinpaku Alliance in trouble, but didn't want to get involved. Loki bargained with the alliance to give him Niijima and the others could go free. The men almost agreed until Mizunuma told them that the three generals are coming. Kenichi showed up to help seconds before Mizunuma was attacked.  Loki was about to use numbers of his men to take down Kenichi until Takeda and Ukita showed up as well. Loki was angry about the three generals showing up and trying to get the Wire Puzzle to come apart.

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  • Kenichi, Takeda, Ukita, Niijima, and the Shinpaku Alliance vs. Loki and Ragnarok men (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Takeda and Ukita were brought into the Shinpaku Alliance


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