Battle 70 is called "Battle Of Deception"


Niijima and Loki argued over who's the better strategist. Niijima then had Kenichi, Takeda, and Ukita fight Loki and his men. Kenichi easily took down a fair number of Loki's men by himself. Ukita and Takeda used their fighting skills against some of the men as well. Takeda wanted to fight Loki, but Loki was defended by his men so Kenichi jumped in to battle instead. Kenichi decided to fight Loki, since it would end the battle quickly. Loki tricked Kenichi into halting so the latter could be hit with the former's baton. Loki proceeded to kick Kenichi when he said he'll poke his eyes out, but Kenichi dodged by adjusting his stance. Lokid dodged Kenichi's punch to use a tazer on him, but was left open to Kenichi's Yamazuki followed by a Kao Loi, Ugyuu Haitou, and Kuchiki Daoshi and defeated. Niijima exaggerated about Kenichi's strength to scare off the Ragnarok thugs. As the Shinpaku Alliance thanked Kenichi for defeating Loki, Niijma stomped on Loki's head and took his goggles off. However, Takeda showed everyone that the Loki was a fake. The doppelganger threatened the Shinpaku Alliance about how fearsome Ragnarok is, but Niijima tap-dance of his head thinking the speech was garbage. Kenichi was about to warn Niijima of his cockiness until Ukita was trying to ask Kenichi for directions to Matsue Lark for a date which Kenichi and Takeda have to go to as well. Mizunuma told them that they're already at the spot. The three fighters soon found out that Niijima sent them the letters to the place. They chased after him, but Niijima was too quick.

At Ragnarok hideout, the real Loki finished off a wire puzzle and was given info about the Shinpaku Alliance by Number 20.

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  • Kenichi, Takeda, and Ukita vs. "Loki" and some Ragnarok thugs (Winners: Kenichi, Takeda, and Ukita)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kenichi first used the Strongest Combo move against the fake Loki, although the combo wasn't named
  • Loki received battle info on the Shinpaku Alliance


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