Battle 72 is also called "Niijima VS Zombie"


At Ryouzanpaku, Kenichi and Miu were practicing Ma's deflecting exercises while talking about the love letter Niijima sent him. Niijima came in while tied up by Shigure telling Kenichi news about Ragnarok's fifth fist, Siegfried. Many gangs were able to knoeck him down multiple times, but in the end they were defeated. Kenichi didn't want anything to do with the Shinpaku Alliance and insulted Niijima for having half-baked info. Niijima ran off claiming that the next info he'll get about Ragnarok would be good. The elder exclaimed that Kenichi has one odd friend and Sakaki thought that Siegfried would be an interesting opponent for Kenichi. Shigure sensed that Niijima was impatient for glory and is ready to die.

At one of Ragnarok's hideouts, Siegfried was composing a song, but was having trouble due to the fights. Loki came in to talk about the weakness of the Shinpaku Alliance, which was Niijima who was spying on them and vice-versa. Niijima was then strangled by henchmen Number 20 of Loki, but Niijima noticed the henceman was a girl so he fondled her breasts to escape. Siegfried was following Niijima only to get sprayed and knocked down by Niijima's baton. Unfortunately, Siegfried quickly got up and continued to chase him. Niijima tried to escape throught the Drainage Canal, but Siegfried caught him and took him back to Ragnarok hideout.

At school, the Shinpaku Alliance told Kenichi that Niijima was missing after Takeda and Ukita refused to help them. Kenichi didn't believe them until Mizunuma showed Kenichi Niijima's computer (which the latter never leaves). Kenichi wasn't that much worried until the computer cracked.

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  • Niijim vs. Siegfried (Winner: Siegfried)

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