Battle 74 is also called "Night of the Living Dead"


Siegfried is prepared to fight Kenichi, but the latter wants to know where's Niijima. Surprisingly, Siegfried told him that Niijima is on a ship and pointed to which one, but Kenichi doesn't believe him. Loki sent out Henchmen 25 and 30 only to be knocked out by Siegfried so the battle wouldn't be interrupted. Loki decided to leave with his henchmen so Siegfried could battle them. Miu decided to follow them to make sure which ship Niijima is on while Kenichi deals with Skiegfried. Siegfried leaped towards Kenichi only to get knocked down.

Around the back of a warehouse, Miu followed Loki and his men onto a truck, but Number 20 was in the back and was shooting at Miu with a Pellet Gun to keep her away while Loki drove. Miu jumped onto the truck and kicked the gun away. Number 20 knocked her out with a tazer stick.

Back at the docks, Kenichi wanted Siegfried to wake up and tell him where Niijima was, but Siegfried got back up and quickly knocked down Kenichi. Kenichi knocked down Siegfried again, but Siegfried reversed the roles again. When Siegfried wanted to go after Miu, Kenichi quickly got back up and threw Siegfried down only to see Siegfried get back up. Kenichi used multiple attacks, but Siegfried kept getting back up.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Siegfried (ongoing)
  • Miu vs. Number 20 (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kenichi battles Siegfried


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Hermit Arc (anime)
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