Battle 75 is also called "Drink the Whole Thing!!"


Kenichi is still worried that his attacks still have no effect on Siegfried. Niijima was screaming for help to get out a crate from inside a ship, but nobody was listening. Kenichi kept attacking, but Siegfried kept back up to knock Kenichi down.

On the driving truck, Miu was knocked out with her spandex outfit was shredded by Number 20's Special Stun Baton, but Miu got back up a few seconds later and knocked out Number 20 with one punch. Miu then climbed to the front of the truck, used her hair clip to cut open the windshield and broke through to knock out the driver, Number 43, and stop the truck. Unfortunately, she didn't get any info on where Niijima is, so she knocked out Number 43 out of frustration.

Back at the docks, Kenichi was still struggling on trying to defeat Siegfried until he remembered Sakaki telling him to not rush in battle and change the mood in the middle of battle. Kenichi pretends to be back in Ryouzanpaku to start morning training by stretching. He was about to punch Siegfried until the former thought about weight training. Just then Kenichi saw that Siegfried fell without getting hit. Kenichi learned from Siegfried that he was using counter attacks against Kenichi.

At Ryouzanpaku dojo, the masters were worried about Kenichi in his fight especially with the slow advancement in training, but Akisame told them that the efforts will crystallize inside him.

Back to the fight, Kenichi decides to use a different tactic by marching towards Siegfried and lining up his arms.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Siegfried (ongoing)
  • Miu vs. Number 20 (Winner: Miu)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Miu defeated Number 20 and knocked out Number 43, but didn't get any info on where Niijima is


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