Battle 84 is also called "Hermit's Cross"


As Kenichi held town Hermit's arm with a joint lock, Sakaki bet his side dish for dinner that Hermit would win. Hermit escaped the lock and countered with Eight Extremities Fist to damage Kenichi's sides. Hermit complained that Kenichi's attacks don't have hollow truth before striking him again.

At the alley; Ukita threw down the fifth Loki and Miu defeated the sixth while collected their stun rods. The last Loki was surprised to see how Takeda and Ukita had gotten stronger and Takeda explained that hard work would make you stronger. Loki rushed in with his stun rod only for Takeda to dodge and finish off Loki with an Ultra Bolo Punch. The four students discovered that all the Lokis were fake. They heard that the real Loki was here, but it was said by the Fat doppelganger to stall them.

Back at the church, Hermit kept complaining to Kenichi that truth and justice are nothing more than a burden in the real world.

Hermit explained when he was six, he was an orphan with his sick sister, he was adopted by a cold-blooded business man with his sister. In order to save his sister, Natsu had to play the part of a good son by obeying whatever orders he was given. The one day, Natsu's adopted fell in love with the doctor that was treating his sister and married her. For the next three years it was a dream, but then Natsu's adopted father died from some type of poison and his sister was shown to have received no medical treatment for that time. Natsu believed that the woman was playing his family only to gain wealth and was sent to jail even though she's crying to Natsu that she was innocent.

Back in the present, Hermit laughed that the whole incident taught him that lies and power were the world's order. Hermit was about to finish off Kenichi, but Kenichi blocked the attack and claimed that he'll end the sad fight with his own hands.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Hermit (ongoing)
  • Miu, Takeda, and Ukita vs. Loki doppelgangers (Winner: Miu, Takeda, and Ukita)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • The Lokis Miu, Niijima, Takeda and Ukita saw were all fakes to keep them away from Kenichi's battle with Hermit
  • Tanimoto past was revealed with him having a sister and both were adopted by a man called Tanimoto


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