Battle 86 is also called "Kensei"


As Loki was holding Honoka hostage, Sakaki wanted to save Honoka, but Akisame told him that Kenichi must experience this situation as early as possible. Loki wanted Hermit to attack while Kenichi is ordered to stay still, but Hermit won't stoop so low as to win by holding someone hostage. Loki told him that it was Kensei's orders to do it. Number 20 asked Loki what Hermit has to do with Kensei.

Loki explained that after Natsu's adopted father died and his foster mother was arrested, he was left with vast wealth and huge responsibilities. The people that worked under his father ruled the company by force and took whatever they wanted. Natsu hired a lawyer to stop the outflow of money by signing a document, but was jumped by some hitmen. Worse is that Natsu found out the document he signed had him sell his assets. Natsu was about to be dropped off the bridge until a mysterious person came to stop them. The mysterious man let the men shoot him fromt he back to save the boy only to dodge them by lifting his legs up while holding onto a rail with one arm. The mysterious man defeated the men, tore the contract and saved Natsu. The mysterious man was known as Kensei, the Saint Fist. Natsu learned that night in order to have people obey you, you must master yourself first.

Loki used Kensei's orders to have Hermit beat up Kenichi, but seeing how things were he decided to finish things himself. Loki gave a hard punch, but Kenichi kept enduring so they could release Honoka.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kensei vs. hitmen: In the past (Winner: Kensei)
  • Kenichi vs. Loki (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Loki decided to beat up Kenichi after Hermit refused to beat up someone who won't fight back


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