Battle 88 is also called "Bloody Battle of Exhaustion!!"


Odin arrived to stop the fight between Kenichi and Loki. Odin saw Kenichi's badge and reminded Kenichi about the promise he made although Kenichi doesn't remember him. Odin ordered Loki to return to Ragnarok after using Kensei's name to get what he wants. Odin took his goggles and warned him that if uses Kensei's name, he'll pay. Loki told Number 20 to get the bike and return to Ragnarok. Kenichi tried to give chase, but was too weakened to run. Odin wanted Hermit to come back, but Hermit turned him down and would be enemies next time they meet before Odin disappeared. Even though Hermit left Ragnarok, he wanted to continue his battle with Kenichi. Miu wanted to stop the fight, but Takeda told her that men have to settle things. Sakaki and Akisame saw that Hermit can't fight much longer from the stab wound he gave himself and Kenichi is still hurt frmo Loki's beatings. Kenichi dodged some of Hermit's deadly attacks and hit him with a Kao Loi. Hermit was about to go down until he remembered he sister telling him not to give up. Kenichi was about to punch him, but saw that Hermit lost consciousness. Sakaki and Akismae jumped down from the trees and congratulated Kenichi for his win. Sakaki reminded Akisame that he won the bet, but Akisame was busy wanting to get Hermit to a hospital.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Hermit (Winner: Kenichi, due to Hermit losing consciousness)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kenichi had met Odin in the past and made a promise with him, though has no memory of it


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