Battle 89 is also called "The Path of Hermit"


At Ryouzanpaku, Kenichi has been treated, but mad at Sakaki and Aksiame for watching the whole fight and Honoka being taken hostage and didn't do anything to help. Honoka came to change Kenichi's bandages on Akisame's orders. Miu came while glad to see Kenichi back at Ryouzanpaku to liven up the place. The masters wanted Kenichi back for Apachai wanted to play Othello with Kenichi using the new set bought by Miu, Shigure wanted to throw knives with Kenichi, and Ma wanted to scam Kenichi by selling fake pictures of Miu.

At Akisame's clinic, Natsu woke up in pain and bandaged. Ma arrived to treat Natsu with acupuncture, much to the latter's chargin about trusting doctors. Ma asked Natsu if his older brother was a good teacher to him. Natsu answered that Sougetsu was the perfect martial arts teacher by teaching him the way of destroying people and was cold-hearted with only one fault. The one flaw is that Sougetsu keeps talking about his younger brother when drunk. Honoka wanted to change Natsu's bandages, but Natsu was already leaving. Natsu threatened her to never come to his house again, but she made faces at him. Before leaving, Natsu saw the elder clipping branches off one of his bonzai tree with his fingers. The elder warned Natsu that at the end of the path of loneliness is nothing.

The next day at school, Kenichi was worried that he could've been friends with Natsu thanks to Honoka. Suddenly, Natsu showed up with his fake smile and told the girls he had a fake absence. Natsu then secretly warned Kenichi that he'll return the favor with his scary face.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • None

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kenichi decided to return to Ryouzanpaku for more training


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