Battle 91 is also called "A Man from "Ryōzanpaku"!?"


Miu was bringing Akisame, Shigure, and Apachai tea then heard that Kenihci went to issue a dojo challenge to the dojo Mizunuma practices at with Sakaki and Ma shadowing him from a distance.

At the Kyuuki Karate Dojo, Kenichi had to spar against Alan, since he was the director. Alan also claimed to be one of Ryouzanpaku's heroes. Niijima wanted Mizunuma to return home, but Mizunuma wanted power before Niijima resumed being chased by the other students. Alan explained that his dirty method coul make anyone strong within a week. Alan started (without warning) a quick punch, but Kenihci narrowly avoided it. However, Alan threw a rose into Kenichi's neck. Kenichi then avoided Alan's blinder attack. Kenichi tried to retreat out the window, but saw that he was on the fifth floor. Alan kicked Kenichi only to see that he pushed Kenichi up in the air to perform an air kick. However, the kick didn't do much damage and drew out nunchucks. Kenichi bounced off a wall and knocked down Alan with another kick. Mizunuma came to give Kenichi nunchuks to finish off Mizunuma, but Kenichi refused to do anything dirty. Alan then had his students gang up on Kenichi.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Alan (Winner: Kenichi)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kenichi remembered about a missing hero of Ryouzanpaku.


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