Battle 92 is also called "Let's Believe in Our Masters!!"


Alan ordered his students to attack Kenichi for his Ryouzanpaku School Mass Attack Formation. Mizunuma thought Kenichi would run away, but Kenichi battled the horde of students. Alan heard someone agreeing with Kenichi. It was Sakaki who burst in through one of the dojo's mirrors. Sakaki jumped in to help Kenichi, since the master of the dojo was fighting him as well. As Kenichi and Sakaki defeat the dojo students, Sakaki lectured Alan that martial artists refined their strength with their souls. Alan tried to throw sand from a leaking sandbag into Sakaki's eyes only to blow it back at him. Mizunuma realized that he doesn't want Kenichi's strength, but his courage to stand by his beliefs. Kenichi heard that Alan wasn't a hero of Ryouzanpaku when he asked who Sakaki was. When Alan heard that he was fighting Sakaki, he asked for his autograph. Alan dedicated to change his dojo's policy to "Strength and Love"

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  • Kenichi and Sakaki vs. Alan and the Kyuuki Karate Dojo students (Winner: Kenichi and Sakaki)

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