Battle 98 is also called "The Terror of Chanko Stew"


In the underground fighting arena, a match between Shoot Boxing and Karate was starting while bets were placed on the fight. The Shinpaku Alliance were waiting outside planning a way to get inside without suffering too many casualitites. Niijima knew that only a few people in the place weren't from Ragnarok. Kenichi told them that the best way to fight a crowd is to fight the leader off the bat. Niijima devised a way to get inside by pretending to be just an audience invited by Taichi Kōga, but left Takeda and Ukita outside so their cover won't be blown.

Inside, the Shinpaku Alliance's cover was blown when the people saw Matsui still holding and waving the Shinpaku Alliance flag. Takeda and Ukita came in to help Kenichi fight Thor at full strength. Thor soon arrived and Niijima devised a plan to have Thor fight Kenichi by calling Thor a coward for not fighting Kenichi first. Kenichi made a bet with Thor that if Kenichi wins, Thor would have to quit Ragnarok and never fight again. Thor agreed to the bet on one condition and Kenichi accepted the condition, thinking that if he lost he would quit the Shinpaku Alliance. Niijima wanted to Kenichi to stop to think of what would happen if he loses, but Kenichi went anyway. Thor wanted to fight Kenichi, since he heard how he defeated Siegfried.

The match took place in the metal wrestling cage, also known as the Hell in a Cell. The match started with Thor using a palm thrust only for Kenichi to dodge. Thor told Kenichi that if he loses, he'll have to become Thor's apprentice for Sumo. Kenichi punched Thor, but Thor's muscles and fat were being used like armor to him. Thor used his palm to thrust Kenichi to one of the wall and then stomped on him. Kenichi, however was able to get back up.

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  • Kenichi vs. Thor (ongoing)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Kenichi made a bet that if he wins, Thor would leave Ragnarok. But if Thor wins, Kenichi would have to leave Ryouzanpaku and take up sumo.


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