Battle 99 is also called "Pride of the Ring!"


Thor was surprised that Kenichi was still able to fight after taking those heavy attacks. Thor explains that Sumo is an art that warriors to fight to the death, since in modern day the referees must commit suicide when they misjudge a match. Thor joined Ragnarok to join in more fights without rules and hopes to spread sumo over the world. Kenichi was able to dodge, but Takeda noticed that the ring was for power people, since slow people wouldn't be dodge easily in a small space. Kenichi decided to take off his shoes which Thor thought Kenichi was attacking head on. Kenichi used his Strongest Combo, but Ukita saw that the throwing part would be hard since Thor is heavier than Kenichi. However, Kenichi was able to lift Thor up by just one leg, carry him to one side of the ring and threw him out. Niijima was ready to have everyone fight everyone else in the arena, but Thor told everyone to stop. He decided to quit Ragnarok and sumo, but Kenichi explained that Thor only has to quit Ragnarok and fight recklessly. Kenichi told Thor to improve his skills and follow his dreams. While Kenichi was carried off in pain, Niijima explained to Thor that Kenichi was not his minion, but his friend. Thor found out that Ragnarok lacked friends.

Characters that AppearedEdit


  • Kenichi vs. Thor (Winner: Kenichi, by ring out)

Chapter NotesEdit

  • Thor lost the match and agreed to quit Ragnarok


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