The Black Force team Edit


Black Force

Is composed of five soldiers of an unidentified nation. To top this off, no information about them is known, though it can be assumed that all members are under 20. According to Captain K, its members take battle as a life and death situation, such that when a member of the team loses, he must take his own life. The team was paired with Shinpaku Alliance so that Diego Carlo may humiliate Niijima for ruining his show, with Shinpaku being offered as the "sacrifice" for the opening show.

Member JEdit

A hand-to-hand fighter, and supposedly the weakest of the members, Member J is a Dou fighter who rushes at his opponents head on with all manners of military fighting moves. He openly insults his opponents and on occasion mocks them, such as spitting on Mizunuma's defeated body and calling him an amateur and pretending not to understand Japanese when Takeda proclaimed that he would defeat him. As observed by Koetsuji and Sakaki, he does not feel pain when he is angry.

His bad fighting spirit from fighting Mizunuma prompts Takeda to walk into the ring and defeat him in one hit. Given the gun by Captain K, he tries to commit suicide, but is stopped by Kenichi. This sparks a burning spirit in both the Shinpaku Alliance and the Black Force Team as the remaining members step into the ring and finish off the remaining three members.

It could be speculated that he knows some level of sambo, wrestling moves, karate, and/or boxing. The same could be said for the other three hand-to-hand combatants in his team.

Captain KEdit

The leader of the Black Force Team, Captain K is a no-nonsense type person who is absolute on enforcing the rules that the Black Force Team follows. Unlike his teammates/subordinates, he is a weapon fighter, using steel wires to trap and cut his opponents. He is very fast and stealthy, easily trapping Freya in a net of wires. When trapped in his own net of wires, Captain K grabs onto an overhanging wire and flips onto higher ground, and then uses a long loop of wire to strangle his opponent on the lower ground. He is defeated by Freya and attempts to take his own life, but is stopped by Diego Carlo and requested by Freya to continue living. Strangely enough, he seems to care for his opponent when he is defeated, warning Freya that she will cut her hand if she tries to stop him from killing himself.

First RoundEdit

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