Bolisud Look Mai is a secret technique that is more dangerous any of the other Muay Boran or Muay Thai techniques. The user appears to enter a prayer-like stance when he uses the technique, and subsequently unleashes strikes on his opponent, similar to the pre-shot routine done by golfers.

  • Bolisud Look Mai dance...
  • Bolisud Look Mai stance...
  • Bolisud Look Mai attack.

That is "Wai Khru" used to check the condition of the earth if fighting outside and changing their styles if neccessary. There, they danced in circles creating a barrier which helped them heighten their fighting potential to the max. If two people fight and have the same fighting style they will have to stop fighting, however if they continue to fight even with the same style, the result ends with both fighters endlessly attacking each other and destroying everything within the range of their attacks, continuing their assaults until one of the fighters is killed or unable to fight.

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