The Capoeira teamEdit

Is composed of five members led by a white-haired team captain. All three members are very silent and
reserved, though Silvio seems rather hot-headed.

Team Leader - the calm and stoic leader of team Capoeira. He had defeated several Taekwondo users in the past, causing him to be surprised by Kisara's unorthodox application of Taekwondo. Unlike his other team members, he is very unemotional, to the point that he doesn't care if he wins or loses, though he admits that fighting with Kisarah brought out a side to him that made him want to fight to win.




Unknown Member- this member is rather quiet like most of the other members. He has middle-length light-colored hair.

First Round

  • vs New York Street Fighters team (Capoeira wins)

Second Round

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