A cold warrior with no desire to win nor lose. He is the most cool-headed of the group, apparently the smartest and the strongest. He takes on Kisara, breaking through her when she uses Miu's styles which previously was effective on another Capoeira member and Freiya. Eventually he is defeated when Kisara discovers a new fighting style which imitate the moves of a cat, and partly due to a dislocated finger caused by Ukita.

Apparently the smartest and strongest of the team, he fights Kisara but is defeated when Kisara discovers a new fighting style that imitates the movements of a cat.


Cabeçada: The user grabs the opponent's upper body and attacks them with a powerful headbutt.

Chapeu De Couro: The user attacks the opponent with a swinging kick from behind.

Mariposa: The user kicks the opponent on the side of their body.

Tesoura De Costas: The user grabs the opponent with their legs and slams them onto the ground.

Jogo: A special technique used in Caporeia. The user allows themselves to be hit in order for them to wait for a chance to hit their opponents with a barrage of attacks.