Cedric Casken is a Saxon Swordsmen from England, and is a master from Yami's Armed Division.

Yami/YOMI SagaEdit

The Eternal Sunset ArcEdit

Cedric first appeared alongside Sherman Camus in a parking lot amushing Akisame and Sakaki. He fights Sakaki, and the two seems to be even, till he shows that he is more skilled than Sakaki originally believed. The fight becomes more intense between the two of them, but he is ultimately defeated by Sakaki.


  • Master Swordsmen: Cedric is a Master Swordsmen who specializes in the use of two straight single-edged blades called Scramasaxs. Like his partner Sherman, he can throw and catch these weapons with incredible skill and speed. Cedric is shown to be a skilled master as he was on par with Sakaki for most of their fight, Sakaki even mentioned that he handles his weapons as if they are a part of his body, and that it didn't feel like he was fighting against a weapon at all.

Battle LogEdit

  • Credic Casken vs. Shio Sakaki (Loss)