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Ryouzanpaku MembersEdit

Picture Name Information
Gallery 22 9 22034

Akisame Kōetsuji

Grand Master of Japanese Jujitsu of Ryouzanpaku

Gallery 22 9 9719
Apachai Hopachai Grand Master of Muay Boran And Muay Thai of Ryouzanpaku
Hayato Furinji
Hayato Fūrinji

Legendary Master of Ryouzanpaku And Master of Furinji Style

Kenichi Shirahama

Disciple of multiple martial arts (becomes a grand master in the epilogue)

Sole Disciple of Ryozanpaku

Kensei Ma

Grand Master of All Chinese Kenpo of Ryouzanpaku

Miu fuurinji 8493

Miu Fūrinji

Disciple of Hybrid Martial Arts (Furinji hybrid style & Pencak Silat)

Shigure Kōsaka

Grand Master of Weapons of Ryouzanpaku (Kosaka Style)

Shio Sakaki

Grand Master of Karate of Ryouzanpaku

Shizuha fuurinji 35576

Shizuha Fūrinji

'Mother of Miu and Wife of Saiga Furinji †'



Shigure's Pet Mouse

Allies of Ryouzanpaku Edit

Picture Name Information
Char 113973
James Shiba Grand Master of Boxing and Underground Boxing
Gonzai Kumatori 24152
Gonzui Kumatori Master of Karate Iron Defense-Style
Alan Subishi Disciple of Secluded Ogre
Taiki Yamamoto Chapter 63
Taiki Yamamoto Master of Jujitsu (Yamamoto style)
Naoki Yamamoto Disciple of Jujitsu (Yamamoto style)
Wrestling Boss
Wrestling Boss Master of Pro-Wrestler
Inspector Honmaki Senior Police Officer
Congress Woman Member of the Russian Congress
Ryuto asamiya 25547

Ryūto Asamiya

Former Disciple of Saint Fist (Ancient Martial Arts)
Gallery 22 14 23301
Rimi Kokorone Former Disciple of Saint Fist (Ancient Martial Arts)
Hsd kenichi gaiden ch01 silvermask.08
Ellen Friend of Shigure
Kagerou sai 35071

Kagerō Kii

Grand Master of the Iai Slash `


Okamoto Japanese Goverment Official
This Fox
Fox A fox

Tenchi Mushin SchoolEdit

Picture Name Information

Kai Midō

'Grand Master and Creator of Earth Heaven and Nothingness Style (Deceased)'

Historys-strongest-disciple-kenichi-4141259 (1)
Mayu Tanaka 'The First Legitimate successor of The Tenchi Mushin School †'
Tsutomu tanaka 34846
Tsutomu Tanaka The Second Legitimate successor of The Tenchi Mushin School

Kugatachi FamilyEdit

Picture Name Information
Danki kugatachi 35281
Danki Kugatachi

Grand Master of Kugatachi-Style and Grandfather of Kaname Kugatachi

Kaname kugatachi 25598
Kaname Kugatachi Successor of The Kugatachi-Style School

Crown of TidatEdit

Picture Name Information
Jihan tidat radin 34714
Radin Tidat Jihan King of The Tidat Kingdom
Radin Tidat Lona Queen of The Tidat Kingdom
Sham 35597
Sham Maid of Jihan and Lona
Batouan 35602
Batouan Master of Pencak Silat and Bodyguard of the Royal Family

Shirahama FamilyEdit

Picture Name Information
Mototsugu shirahama 8927
Mototsugu Shirahama Father of Kenichi, Honoka and Husband of Saori and Master of Guns
Saori shirahama 8928
Saori Shirahama Mother of Kenichi, Honoka and Wife of Mototsugu
Honoka shirahama 8926
Honoka Shirahama

'Younger Sister of Kenichi and "younger-sister-like"'of Natsu Tanimoto

Grey FamilyEdit

Picture Name Information
Colonal Lancelord Grey
Colonal Lancelord Grey 'FBI Special Agent †'
Jenny Grey color
Jennifer Grey FBI's Special Infiltration Agent

Shinpaku Alliance Main Force Captains/CommanderEdit

Picture Name Information
Kenichi Shirahama Assault Commander
Haruo nijima 8492
Haruo Niijima Commander
Ikki takeda 8924
Ikki Takeda Captain (Boxing and Underground Boxing)

Kisara Nanjō

Captain (Nyakwondo/Taekwondo)
Siegfried 8929
Hibiki Kugenin Captain (Go no Sen)
Chiaki yuma 25561
Chiaki Yūma Captain (Combat-Sumo)
Bhsdk 363 ss.01
Renka Ma Captain
Kaname kugatachi 25598
Kaname Kugatachi Captain (Kugatachi-Style Jōjutsu)
Miu fuurinji 8493

Miu Fūrinji


Vice Captain'sEdit

Picture Name Information
Kouzou ukita 8925
Kozo Ukita Vice Captain
Shiratori kenichi 24855
Shiratori Vice Captain

Sub Divisions MembersEdit

Picture Name Information
Mizunuma 25281
Mizunuma Karate User
Matsui kenichi 25280
Matsui Flag Holder
Kamioka Information Gathering
Loki historys strong 8923
Loki Spy
No 20 25278
Number 20

Loki's Assisant

The Valkyries Kaname Team
Kurokawa Information Gathering
Hisame Honmaki Daughter of Inspector Honmaki

Phoenix AllianceEdit

Picture Name Information
Gallery 22 7 167866
Kensei Ma Leader of the Phoenix Alliance
Ryo ma 25245
Ryou Ma Member of The Phoenix Allance
Kouan shokatsu 25560
Shokatsu Kōan One of Ryou's Disciple
Genson ryu 25559
Genson Ryū One of Ryou's Disciple
Kaku shin ten 34849
Kaku Shin Ten Disciple of Tai Ji Quan
Chou yin lin 34850
Yinlin Chou Disciple of Baguazhang
Yo tekai 34851
Yo Tekai Disciple Xing Yi Quan
Bhsdk 363 ss.01
Renka Ma Daughter of Kensei

Waza no TabibitoEdit

Picture Name Information
Tekuni Depagah Wazabito User
Ruri Friend of Tekuni

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