Unarmed DivisionEdit

One Shadow Nine FistEdit

Picture Name Position
Gallery 59 11 590732

Saiga Fūrinji

Leader of The One Shadow Nine Fists

Advanced Grand Master of Fūrinji Style of Yami
The One Shadow

Gallery 22 15 74967

Diego Carlo

Grand Master of Lucha Libre of Yami
The Smiling Steel Fist


Mikumo Kushinada

Advanced Grand Master of Kushinada Style Jujutsu of Yami
The Bewitching Fist


Alexander Gaidar

Grand Master of Combat Sambo of Yami
The Fist of Destruction

Sogetsu ma 25246

Sōgetsu Ma

Grand Master of Chinese Kenpo of Yami
The Fierce-Fist God


Agaaard Jum Sai

Grand Master of Muay Boran And Muay Thai of Yami
The Sovereign of Fists and The Emperor of Elbows

Sehrul rahman 35262

Cyril Rahman

Grand Master of Kalarippayattu of Yami
The Fists Of Brahman


Akira Hongō

Grand Master of Karate of Yami
The God Hand

Isshinsai Ogata 26081

Isshinsai Ogata

Grand Master of Ancient Martial Arts of Yami
The Saint Fist

Silcardo jenazad 34713

Silcardo Jenazad

'Legendary Master of Supreme Silat of Yami
The Demon Fist God'


Sub Division MembersEdit





Jisei Ro

Former Member of The One Shadow Nine Fist

Fortuna historys str 35064


World Leading Arms Dealer in the World

Tenmon li 34719

Tenmon Li

Master of Ditangquan Style

Christopher eclair 34667

Christopher Eclair

Master Assassin of the One Shadow Nine Fists

Mycroft Master of Chinese Kenpo
Meat man 35263


Expert of Lucha Libre and Teacher in Lucha Libre


Disciple of Yami Unarmed DivisonEdit




Kajima satomi 35066

Satomi Kajima

One Shadow Disciple (Leader)

Rachel stanley 34716

Rachel Stanley

Smiling Fist Disciple

Chikage kushinada 35063

Chikage Kushinada

Betwitching Fist Disciple

Char 108275

Boris Ivanov

Fist of Destruction Disciple


Natsu Tanimoto

Fierce Fist God Disciple

Tirawit kokin 35070

Tirawit Kokin

The Sovereign of Fists and The Emperor of Elbows Disciple

Ethan stanley 34721

Ethan Stanley

Fists of Brahman Disciple

Char 64601

Shō Kanō

'God's Hand Disciple †'

Sub Divison MembersEdit

Sub Members

Picture Name Position Nickname
Berserker kenichi 26224
Shōgo Kitsukawa

Sage Fist Disciple (Berserker)

Raichi Li

Tumbling Fist Disciple (Spark)

Chou enshin 35266
Chō Enshin

Ro Jisei's Disciple Pure Dragon (Deceased)

Asuka Akatsuki

Sage Fist Disciple (Submission Man)

Nauma hayami
Nauma Hayami

God's Hand Disciple

Kouya seta
Kōya Seta

God's Hand Disciple

Char 64600

Partner Of Yakabe

Char 64599
Kurando Yakabe

Partner Of Tsukasa

Armed Division Edit

Hachiō Executioner BladeEdit

Picture Name Position
Ōganosuke Yogi Leader of Hachiō Executioner Blade (King)
Wakizashi user of ya 35286
Seitarō Raigō Kodachi User of Hachiō Executioner Blade Member
Mihai Ştirbey Scythe User of Hachiō Executioner Blade Member
Marmaduke Brown Axe and Shield User of Hachiō Executioner Blade Member
Hachiou Bow Master
Mildred Lawrence Bow and Arrow User of Hachiō Executioner Blade Member
Naginata User
Raki Hoshinano Naginata User of Hachiō Executioner Blade Member
Rin Tachibana Samurai of Hachiō Executioner Blade Member

Edeltraft von Schiller

Executioner Sword user of The Hatchiō Exacutioner Blade

Armed MembersEdit

Sub Divison MembersEdit

Picture Name Position
Shigures father 34720
Shigure's Father

'Grand Master of Swordsmith and Swordsman'

8th dan kenjutsu ins

8th dan Kenjutsu Instructor

Master of Swordman

Rapier swordsman of 35287
Yami Rapier User

Master of Swordman

Archer of yami 35288

Yami Bow User

Bow and Arrows Master
Axe user of yami 35291
Yami Axe User Master of Two Hand Axe
Kukuri user of yami 35289
Kukuri User

Master of Two Short Swords

Kyouken no izayoi 35283
Izayoi Izayoi of the Mad Sword
Andakas master 35337
Bantou Master Long Sword Master
Congress member ishi 35559

Seiji Ishida

Master Politician
Yami's Chivalrous Order Group
Yami Chivalrous Leader

Yami's Chivalrous Order (Team Leader) †

Spear's of Kurokonoe Group

Spear of the east
Spear of the East Member
Spear of the core 35285
Spear of the Core Member
Spear of the west 35282
Spear of the West Member

Disciple's Armed DivisonEdit

Weapon Disciple'sEdit

Picture Name Information
Andaka Bantou Master Disciple
P 00007
Hyōgo Itō

Seitarō Raigō Disciple

P 000008
Yui Sayama Seitarō Raigō Disciple

Defeated GroupsEdit

Eight FistsEdit

Picture Name Position
Ryuto asamiya 25547
Ryūto Asamiya First Fist (Former)
Berserker kenichi 26224
Shōgo Kitsukawa Second Fist (Former)
Kaname kugatachi 25598

Kaname Kugatachi

Third Fist (Former)
Loki historys strong 8923
Kyōichi Takame

Fourth Fist (Former)

Siegfried 8929
Hibiki Kugenin Fifth Fist (Former)
Natsu Tanimoto Sixth Fist (Former)
Chiaki yuma 25561
Chiaki Yūma Seventh Fist (Former)
Kisara nanjo 5104

Kisara Nanjō

Eighth Fist (Former)


Picture Name Position
No 20 25278
Number 20 Loki's Assisant
Shiratori kenichi 24855
Shiratori Kisara's Lieutenant
Shinnosuke tsuji 23020
Shinnosuke Tsuji

Shaggy Hair


Captain Karate Club Member (Former)

The Takedown Trio
Ikki takeda 8924

Ikki Takeda

Takeda the Puncher
Kouzou ukita 8925
Kōzō Ukita Ukita the Thrower
Taichi Koga
Taichi Koga Koga the Kicker
Kaname Weapon Team
The Valkyries Kaname Bodyguard

Tidat WarriorEdit




Pengulu sankan 35610

Pengulu Sankan

One of Silcardo Jenazad's failed disciples. Expert of Pencak Silat Armed

Menang 35609


Master Spy for Silcardo

Hartini 35603


Daughter of Menang

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