Chihiro Takashima is a student at Koryou High School and was the former ace of its gymnastics team until Miu Fūrinji transferred there.


Chihiro Takashima in her Gymnastic uniform


Chihiro is very arrogant and enjoyed her position as ace until Miu took it from her with her superior gymnastic skills. Since then, she has held a strong (comical) grudge against the younger gymnist, trying constantly to sabotage Miu (which Miu is completely oblivious to). After overhearing that Kenichi Shirahama was staying with Miu, Takashima tattled on her by telling Fukuro Yasunaga that the former was living with a male student, but this indirectly failed after Yasunaga found out Kenichi was only staying at the dojo as a live-in student. Much later during the Yami saga, she rubs it in Miu's face that Rachel Stanley might be a better gymnist than her. Takashima also tried conspiring with Rachel to humiliate Miu by pulling her gym shorts down, but was grabbed in a headlock by the YOMI member for suggesting that she make the audience pay more attention to Miu than her. As mentioned by a fellow gymnist, Takashima appears to have improved and gotten some of the limelight back by copying Miu's movements, but the attention doesn't last.

Trivia Edit

  • Chihiro claims that Miu has the elegance of a sword.


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