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Chikage Kushinada

Chikage Kushinada 2

First appearance
Battle 188 "Tragic Disciple"
Satsujinken (currently having doubts though)
Louse (by Niijima)
Martial Art
Yomi Symbol
Chikage Kushinada is a YOMI member and the disciple of Mikumo Kushinada. She is a Japanese child prodigy who practices Kushinada style jujutsu and is currently a first year student at Koryou High School.

Plot OverviewEdit

Yomi in School ArcEdit

Following Boris's defeat and desertion, Chikage gains admission into the school normally, since she is not a foreign transfer student, unlike the other four YOMI members. She plays a quick game of Go against a teacher and easily beats him.

Chikage later meets up with Niijima, who challenged her to a guessing game. Niijima managed to win her lunch, but this caused Kenichi and Miu to beat him down and return her food. She refused it, since Niijima won it, and tried to leave, but not before revealing her true nature to Miu. Kenichi tried to become her friend by telling her interesting facts about plants, which she found little interest in.

Kenichi is also aware of her YOMI membership and is trying to win her over to their side without resorting to fights. She calls Kenichi 'Bandaid' (Bansōkō in Japanese) and never calls him by his given name. While she tells her master that she is eager to kill him, this seems to change slightly as she started a flower bed and was upset about Kenichi trying to water it. She started to remember her master saying emotions lead to distraction and thinking about all that has happened.

It is implied that her family uses special experiments to slow down their aging process to the point where her master, who is one of the oldest among the One Shadow Nine Fists, appears to be one of the youngest, though it is not shown how. It is also implied that Chikage's diet might have something to do with the slowed aging of the Kushinada, especially since she is enamored with sweet foods like cakes and candies upon her introduction to them, as if she wasn't ever allowed to have them before. Further support of this idea involves how she nervously hid the sweet-food menu she had from her master, and acts surprised and quiet when people notice her sweet tooth. Miu tries to get to know her better and have her open up, but Chikage points out Miu is doing exactly what she's doing by wearing fake glasses and braiding her hair in a certain way just so she won't show off. The next day however, Chikage is surprised to see Miu no longer wearing her glasses and lets her hair fall freely in an effort to show her true self.

Ethan Stanley ArcEdit

She tries to hand what seems to be a letter of challenge to Kenichi, but is interrupted when Miu takes the letter from her. Kenichi, however, takes the letter back and declares that though the most ideal situation would be becoming friends with her, in the case where that is not possible, the next best choice would be to fight. However, on the eve of the battle, she is lured away to a party of a classmate with the promise of cake (going into a "Child Mode"), a plan of Niijima to void the potentially risky battle. Having been tricked away from direct confrontation with Kenichi, Chikage loses her right to battle for the title of the Strongest Disciple and has become very embarrassed at meeting Kenichi and began avoiding him for some time. She punished herself for losing the opportunity by pinching herself, but is stopped by Cyril Rahman. Her master said that Chikage would have no problem beating Kenichi, but even if there was a 1/10000 chance of losing, her heart will start to open. She is currently training with her master and seems a little distracted, maybe because she is starting to change a little bit mentally and emotionally, much like her master feared. Her master is currently trying to harden her heart even more and even crushed flowers that she tried to pick and study.

She was present at Kenichi and Ethan's fight as a witness. However, it is clearly evident that she is starting to question the Killing Fist philosophy and becoming more and more intrigued with the Saving Fist philosophy and with Kenichi himself, though she doesn't want to admit any such thing. She tends to hide her budding friendship with Kenichi with seemingly hostile retorts and reactions. For example, when Kenichi couldn't properly extend his hand to her in gratitude for her information due to a pressure point injury by Pollux, Chikage notices and shouts "Don't touch me you filthy Saving Fist!" while closing the distance and striking at his injured arm in a flurry. Immediately afterward, Kenichi notices that he had recovered mobility of the limb.

Weapon Fighters ArcEdit

She was later convinced to attend a festival with Kenichi and his friends (after being lied to by Haruo that they served cotton candy made from clouds and chocolate bananas grown from chocolate banana trees) and was obviously delighted at the taste of cotton candy and was apparently having fun playing various games with Honoka. She also wins a pet goldfish, which she names Ginsuke. However, midway through the festival she leaves to fight a challenge from Yami's weapon divison and afterwards, it is noted by Kenichi that she has become colder again.

Notably, however, she tried to show Kenichi where to attack so that he could successfully give the Akabanetou to Sai Kagerou, all the while trying to hide it from her master. She tells Kenichi that the world that she lives in is too dark, only to have Kenichi extend his hand out to her asking her to come over to his side.

Yami Transport Data ArcEdit

Chikage is later seen, in her naive state, following the Shinpaku Alliance (minus Thor, Sieg and Freya) as they make a stand for themselves at the absence of the Ryozanpaku Masters. Apparently, while selecting a good book from the library to spend some time reading, she overheard them talking about "solving cases", and opted to join them, much to Niijima's delight. While following them to Detective Honmaki's home, they found that he was being assaulted by members from Yami's Armed Division. In their attempt to rescue the officer, Chikage ends up aiding Ukita at throwing off one of the Armed Division memebers, but did so in a discreet manner. A weapon member tries to attack Chikage but is blocked by Ukita, he doesn't hesitate to allow a blade to injure his hand in the process. Even with the injury, Ukita manages to create his own move: Arashi Guruma. Ukita's selflessness seems to shock Chikage. After defeating the enimies, Ukita thanks her but she tries to deny anything doing with him and they all go to regroup with the others. However, the congressman is revealed to be a Yami member named Ishida and he blocks their path. Rather than not doing anything, Chikage surprisingly assists them in fighting Ishida. However, they are all saved by Sakaki and he defeats Ishida and they all go home afterwards.

The Tidat Kingdom ArcEdit

After hearing of Miu's capture by Silkwat Junazard, Chikage attempts to show sympathy by giving Kenichi little chocolates on his desk but seems to embarrassed to say anything to him, but Kenichi thanks her nonetheless.

Titan ArcEdit

Chikage, as noted by Niijima, hasn't been coming to school as much due to Jenazad's death. However, she would return later and started returning since YOMI isn't going to make a move yet and sat on Ukita's lap with Niijima stating she comes to the Shinpaku Alliance to refresh her heart. She comes again later, but with Rachel for company. She hangs out with Ukita till she's forced to leave from getting a message from YOMI and looks back at Ukita rather dark like with Ukita noting she looks like a doll. She arrives with the other members in front of Mikumo and stops a shuriken from hitting her to show how good she is.

She is then called back with Hermit and Rachel as Mikumo pairs them with Berserker and Lugh as she sends them to kill Kenichi and his friends. She later arrives at the amusement park with the other YOMI members. At night, Chikage arrives in front of Kisara and Shiratori. She easily sends Shiratori flying stating small fries should stay out of it and fights Kisara and easily manuvers out of Kisara's attacks prompting Kisara to note how good she is but warns her she won't hold back against a kid. They continue to fight as Chikage gets destracted by Miu's and Rimi's fight prompting Kisara to take advantage only for Chikage to throw her to the ground. Unfortunately, Ukita arrives and questions why Chikage is here which results in her grabing his shirt and pounds him to the ground. With an emotionless face, Chikage says it was fun but now has to kill him.

As Ukita is left severly injured and Kisara still attempts to attack her only for Chikage to throw her away. She tells Ukita he and Kenichi did a lot of things for her, and for that she planned to kill them with one blow so they wouldn't suffer. However, she notes it's strang and no matter how many times she throws him, she can't put her weight into it, while having a lone tear in her eye. As Ukita tries to tell her why, she refuses to listen and throws him again to the ground, but again he's alright, causing an angry Kisara to attack again, but Chikage throws her away also. As Kisara gets up and tells Freya not to interfear, she states she's now felt like she' found a breakthrough with her balance as a martial artist, Chikage attempts to also end this.

As the battle continues, Chikage makes easy work of Kisara and Ukita. Kisara begs her to stop or else Ukita really will die from her attacks. Just then, Chikage has an epephomy with her inner Karma (whom she refers to as Karma-sama) and tells her about right from wrong and, having a flashback of Kenichi showing her the good about friendship, causes her to finally regain her senes. With her senses back to normal, Chikage bursts into massive tears after realizing what she did to Ukita and Kisara, prompting her master to knock her out while lamenting she didn't break her enough. She then takes Chikage away with the intent to mold her into a cold blooded killer.

The Eternal Sunset ArcEdit

Chikage was later seen with her fellow Yomi members preparing for the upcoming battles. She engages in an argument along with Boris against the armed division till Kajima stops them from fighting further. She is later gathered along with her fellow Yomi members led by Kajima for the upcoming battle.

She was later seen with the rest of YOMI (minus Kajima) facing the Shinpaku Alliance. After Kenichi, Miu and Niijima escape, she and the other disciples charge the Shinpaku Alliance.

As she and her unarmed YOMI members stand on the sidelines, Hyougo asks if the Yomi from the unarmed group are really not joining in, reminding them that their masters ordered them to not anybody escape. He asks Chikage in particular and she concurs, as she prepares to participate in the battlefield.

Chikage grabs Takeda and throws him over Edeltraft's disciple, whose strike is blocked by Takeda's armguards. Chikage runs towards Ukita's direction and he prepares to fight but she simply runs past him and heads towards Thor's direction. She kicks Thor behind his knee causing him to lose balance and giving the female kodachi disciple an opening to stab Thor in the thigh. Chikage heads towards Kisara next and catches her in her blind spot, launching Kisara in the air. Kisara is able to deflect the arrows from Mildred's disciple but takes a direct hit from Siegmarigen's scythe.

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