Sehrul is a tall and muscular man with long hair slicked in the back and a long light beard. He wears an outfit from India and has golden arm bands around his wrists. He is at least as old as over his 50s, suggesting he's one of the senior members.


Cyril is shown to be a gentle and passive man, as seen when he stops Chikage Kushinada from pinching herself as punishment. He believes "the punishments of martial arts should be dealt by martial arts." Of the masters, he is the only one not excited about pitting his disciple against Kenichi. However, he has a lethal side to him as well, as seen when he attacks the marma points of the forces sent to detain him, with enough power to kill them had not the Ryozanpaku masters intervened and saved them.

His gentleness is also mentioned by his disciple, who wanted to defeat Kenichi in order to put Rachel Stanley under his care and thus save her from the harm of Silcardo Jenazad. He also seems to have an aptitude for tolerance, as his personality rubbed off on his disciple, contrasting largely with Diego Carlo's flashy personality.

Despite his overall passivity, Cyril believes that the true form of the Satsujinken is emotionlessness. When Akira Hongo arrives at the Yami meeting after Sho's death, Cyril comments that one must be heartless in order to effectively utilize the Satsujinken, disapproving of Sho inheriting his techniques. How he managed to get his disciple, a Dou fighter, to take upon or bypass this limit effectively is unknown, though it could be that he taught him to keep his emotions within himself and unleash them through his martial arts.

It should be noted that Cyril is a very honorable man due to the fact that when Kushinada threatened the Ryozanpaku masters to have Shigure killed (unaware that Shigure has escaped) the passive and gentle Cyril became disgusted and enraged of the fact that Kushinada is willing to use prisoners as a shield and at that moment he launches a devastating attack that knocks Kushinada backwards damaging her in process as well as telling Kushinada that regardless if your a Satsujinken or not, a true martial artist still needs to have some pride and honor in the way they conduct themselves and that Kushinadas Eternal Sunset is different from his version.

Upon seeing how Kushinada and the Hachiou masters conduct themselves, Cyril Rahman decided to switch sides in order to perserve the honor and intergrity of the Satsujinken so the Hachiou Execuation Blade and Kushinada do not taint the name of "Satsujinken" by their petty tactics, which is a sentiment that is shared by almost all OSNF masters. 

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