Demon Fist (Gedō) is the path of the demon. While Katsujinken, the Living Fist, promotes martial arts for the sake of saving lives and protecting those dear to them and Satsujinken, the Killing Fist, promotes martial arts for the sake of killing others in the most powerful manner possible there is another practiced fist. Akira Hongō states in his fight with Silkwat Junazard, that by killing his own disciple, he had descended down to Gedō. Essentially it can be assumed that Gedō, or the Demon Fist, promotes martial arts for the sake of mass murder, as a way of not just gaining dominance in the martial arts world, but also to gain power by any means. One who walks the path of the demon will kill all in their way, especially the weak and those who they themselves deem are not worthy of practicing martial arts, seen as when he disposes of his disciple for losing against Kenichi. They also do not seem to care about how many people they kill as well as they openly kill large amounts of people solely for power and amusement. Those who walks this path also seem to open themselves up to madness as well, as seen by Pengulu Sankan, who became a mindless killer with no free will after being brainwashed by Junazard, and Junazard himself as he openly walked down this path to perfect his Supreme Silat, becoming mad with power. It is shown that in spite of the brutality and forcefulness often seen with Satsujinken practitioners, who seem to have no issue killing other martial artists, even they view Gedō as despicable. Akira Hongō's ki rose a significant amount at Junazard's confession of having killed his own disciple and points out, in disgust, that Junazard has devolved to walking the path of the demon. This has shown that the followers of Satsujinken basically only kill as a form of dominance, and that if they openly kill for just the sake of killing, they will eventually walk down the path of Gedō. Though not stated by the manga, it's possible that Mihai Știrbey is a possible follower of the Gedō fist due to the fact that Știrbey had no problem or remorse in attempting to murder a mother and her infant child only to be stopped by the intervention of Akira Hongō who has deep resentment for this way of life.

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