Kōgyoku Dō is a member of the Nanken team and the partner of Dōkyō Kin. She fought aginst Rachel Stanley in the DofD tournament.


Kōgyoku is a young woman of average height and fairly well built. Her hair is pulled back with strands striking out in the back and bangs in the front. She wears a dark colored shirt and light colored pants.


Kōgyoku Dō is not easily impressible. She is very stubborn, aggressive and cocky.


She is fairly good at Wing Chun and is quick to attack.

Yami/Yomi SagaEdit

DofD Tournament ArcEdit

Kōgyoku Dō starts the match against The Lucha Libre team with a flurry of punches at Castor, but Castor jumped out of her cloak and sombrero on the high edge and left a rose on Kōgyoku’s hair. Kōgyoku grabbed Castor’s hands, but somehow she was thrown against the ropes and with a perfect lariat followed by a backdrop. Castor body slammed Kōgyoku from above and ripped off her shirt showing her bare breasts to everyone but she didn't care and said: I gave up being on a woman. Ryōzanpaku and the Shinpaku Alliance were shocked (e.g. Miu poking Kenichi's eyes out, Kisara kicking Ukita’s face, and Jenny pointing a gun at Sakaki so that he would not look), but Kōgyoku wasn’t fazed at all. Castor piledrived Kōgyoku from the high edge and won the first match though she ripped her clothes to attract a lot of attention.