The Eight Fists are the leaders of Ragnarök and its eight strongest members. Three members grouped together (namely Loki, Hermit, and Valkyrie) can easily defeat fifty enemies. Each member wears a glove with a number (I - VIII) that corresponds to their position. Most of the Fists have adopted the names of legendary beings and figures from Norse mythology.

The first three fists are known as the Three of Cards and take direct orders relayed from Isshinsai Ogata or Kensei, with only the first fist receiving actual training from him. During the eventual breakdown of the eight fists, Loki, the Fourth Fist, tried to establish his own team, which he dubbed, The New Eight Fists", but all of them, including Loki himself, were immediately defeated by Berserker (Who Loki tried to convince to become the new leader of the eight fists). After Ragnarok's dissolution, the fists go on to choose their own paths. Freya (III), Loki (IV), Siegfried (V), Hermit (VI), Thor (VII), and Valkyrie (VIII) go on to become members of the Shinpaku Alliance (Freya, Siegfried, Hermit, Thor and Valkyrie become Captains and Loki becomes a Spy for the organization). On the other hand, both Odin (I) and Berserker (II) were inducted into YOMI (as does Hermit after he defeats temporary member Chou Enshin).

Kenichi40 (4)

Three of Cards

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