Eliot is one of the five members of the Capoeria Team during the DofD tournament.

Plot OverviewEdit

Eliot, along with Aisha, Silvio, another member, and their leader are matched up against the Shinpaku Alliance members Kisara Nanjō, Haruo Niijima, Kōzō Ukita , and later Hibiki Kugenin. Eliot and Silvio soon start attacking Hibiki, only for Silvio to be tricked by Niijima's phycological warfare and is knocked out of the ring by Ukita. Eliot and the unnamed member continue to attack Hibiki, but are unable to cause any sufficient damage. The Capoeria leader tells them to both get away, but Hibiki knocks out the unnamed member and Eliot gets locked in a stalemate with Hibiki. Eliot than attempts to strangle the Shinpaku member, but is knocked by the latter's high strung vocal calls.