A Date?! You'd Better Score! (デート?きめちまえよ!) is the 5th episode of the History Strongest Disciple Kenichi series. It first aired on November 4, 2006.


Niijima adds fuel to the fire by making public Tsukuba's defeat and twisting the truth; as a result, Ragnarok, the strongest gang in the prefecture, will target Kenichi. Shortly after, all of the delinquents in the school search for him to bring him back to Kisara. Kenichi tries to avoid them by hiding in the Gardening Club during his breaks. At the Dojo, the masters arrange for Kenichi to take Miu to the movies, but Niijima seems to follow him wherever he goes; so the two try to enjoy themselves outside. It is later revealed that the masters purposely invited Ragnarok members to the movies to fight Kenichi so they could see how much he had improved.





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