Apapapa! Apachai's Training! (アパパパ〜!アパチャイの修行) is the 9th episode of the History Strongest Disciple Kenichi series. It first aired on December 2, 2006.


Apachai-sensei trains to go easy on Kenichi by using Akisame's "Throwing Gods" statues, and destroys all except one. He decides he is ready to teach Kenichi Muay Thai, while the fabled three of Ragnarok, Ukita, Takeda and Kouga continue to search the school for Kenichi. Niijima informs Kenichi about the group and the person he will fight will most likely be Takeda, a former boxer. Apachai believes Muay Thai will be most useful when Kenichi fights Takeda, and the training begins. During Kenichi's sparring session Apachai knocks him out; after his recovery, he suffers from slight amnesia and does not remember what happened. Since he forgot about being knocked senseless, he gets ready to be trained by Apachai-sensei again. Apapapa!





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