The Gate to Valhalla (バルハラの門 baruhara no mon?)

Summary Edit

While waiting for his father Kazuoki meets a little girls that seems to follow him around. Suddenly they are attacked by a strange thing coming from a wall. They are saved when that thing gets hit by a train. This is when Kazuoki's father shows up. He explains that because of some weird science experiment the little girl ended up with a portal to another world inside of her. This "Gate to Valhalla" is activated whenever she utters a sound, so she's not allowed to speak. The only way to free her from this curse is to open the gate once on purpose and close it again by making her feel a strong sense of rejection, but this method is very dangerous. His father leaves again and Kazuoki is stuck watching over the little girl. He finds out her name is Sara. He gives her a sketchbook so she can communicate with him and takes her home with him. At his home she starts scribbling everywhere. When she finds his school report about dissecting a fringe she tears it apart, because she hates frogs. The next days Sara follows Kazuoki to his school. He tells her to stay at the school nurse's office, but Sara goes searching for him and end up at the school laboratory. This places scares her so much that she screams and involuntarily opens the gate to Valhalla. At the last moment Kazuoki remember that Sara hates frogs and throws some at her to trigger strong feelings of rejection within her. It works and the gate closes again - this time forever. Sara is now freed from her curse and Kazuoki wonders if they are going expell him from school for what happened.

Trivia Edit

  • Kazuoki shares his love for books with Kenichi.
  • Kazuoki also resembles Tokiwa Yasaka from Syun Matsuena's newest series Tokiwa Kitareri!!
  • This story is Syun Matsuena's debut work. He drew it when he was 19 years old.[1]

References Edit

  1. Matsuena, S. (2007): Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Kenichi. Volume 26, page 196.

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