Go no Sen is the martial art that Hibiki Kugenin uses.


  • Nirvana No Canon: Siegfried's basic technique. He performs a pirouette on one foot, with his arms aloft and hands positioned outwards by his sides, using the rotationary force to either defend from attacks, or to enhance the force of his blows.
  • Nirvana No Canon, Vertical: Similar to the above technique, but instead performed while cartwheeling in the air.
  • Nirvana No Canon, Spin Plus: Similar to the first Nirvana No Canon, with the exception of using the spin from the opponent's attack to counter back.
  • Grandioso Counterattack: Siegfried spins himself in a fierce manner to knock all opponents within his reach out of his way.
  • Senpu no Da Capo: Siegfried first falls backwards, then spreads out his legs in a windmill kick, tucks one leg in to strike with the other, falls back into a thrust kick aimed towards him, and finally stands up and goes into a back kick.
  • Requiem Buster: Siegfried latches onto his opponent form behind before jumping up into the air and piledriving them headfirst into the ground.
  • Duo Play: Sieg jumps into towards his opponent from above and performs a cross chop.
  • Tenshi No Sasayaki (Whispering of the Angel): A close-combat technique that Sieg perfected in Tibet where, after locking his body around a target (or vice-versa) in a position where his head is right next to the victim's, Sieg begins to inhale large amounts of air through his mouth, causing his mid-section to swell up dramatically. Then after clearing his throat like an opera singer, Sieg would lean in close to one of the ears of the victim to yell a deafening (along with a gust of wind that actually goes through the ear and passes through the other at the other side) powerful enough to be heard throughout an entire coliseum, effectively disorienting the victim into unconsciousness.
  • Meikai no Waltz (Waltz of Hades): Siegfried grabs an opponent from behind and drives his knees into his opponent's side.
  • Dash Goa Trance: Siegfried temporarily goes into a trance and recklessly spins to attack his opponent.
  • Samsara Bach Bow: Siegfried catches an arrow that is fired at him, spins rapidly, then throws the arrow back with incredible force.

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