Gonzui Kumatori is the master of the Kokyukai Dojo and currently an associate of Ryozanpaku.


Gonzui is rather over-the-top and boisterous, making him like a typical Kabuki poser that performs rather odd hand stances. He is also short-tempered and aggressive, willing to challenge Sakaki despite his reputation. He has a high degree of arrogannce, claiming he can defeat Sakaki easily. However, this was his downfall and Sakaki defeated him effortlessly. He also thought Kenichi wasn't that strong and thought he would be defeated with little effort, showing he tends to look down on his enemies. Although this assumption was right by his behalf, it lead to him relieving Kenichi's weakness of striking his opponent and allowing him to land a solid hit upon Gonzui.


Gonzui is a tall and very muscular middle-age man with a typical karate outfit on. He has an odd style of wearing make-up on his face which displays white and red markings all over, he also has parts of his hair sticking up in little wing styles, both of these features is why Kenichi calls him "Crab Head".

Plot OverviewEdit

Gonzui and his many disciples enter Ryozanpaku to fight Shio Sakaki and take the dojo's sign. He is greatly offended by Miu Fūrinji's offer to fight him (since all of the masters were absent at the moment). Insult adds to injury when Kenichi Shirahama insults him further by calling him Crab Head. He dominates Kenichi, though Kenichi is stunned to find that he is able to see through Gonzui's moves (Yet still lacks the speed to dodge them). Gonzui allows Kenichi to take one free shot at his abs. Kenichi doesn't do so, remembering Sakaki's statement that opponents who use this line often due so right before hardening their muscles to easen any pain. This proves true as Kenichi finds an opening when Gonzui relaxes his muscles and stuns him long enough for Sakaki to arrive and defeat Gonzui as well as his disciples.

Gonzui reappears in the Yami arc when his dojo is burned down. He and several other masters pledge their loyalty to Ryozanpaku and offer to fight with them. He is often seen bragging about his power and how he mainly dominated Kenichi during their battle, but also brags about how long he lasted against Sakaki.