Suzuki Hajime was a Grand Master karateka and the late friend of Shio Sakaki and Akira Hongō. His death caused the two friends and rivals to become enemies. Both still remember him to this time.


Suzuki is first seen in Sakaki's flashback, asking the karateka to take him as his disciple. Sakaki's aversion to taking disciples prevents this, though Suzuki follows him nonetheless, and the pair soon encounter

Akira with Shio and Suzuki as the Strongest Karake Team

Hongo. Sakaki and Hongo exchange a few words regarding the tournament Sakaki entered, from which Hongo was absent, and Suzuki, hearing about this, asks to see them fight, acting as their referee. This first match observation ends in a blunder, as Suzuki has just encountered expert- or master-class fighters and admits that he didn't see carefully who managed to deal the finishing blow. This does not stop Sakaki and Hongo from having him referee their matches, and thus begins a long line of matches between the two, the winner alternating every match.

At one point in his life, Suzuki discovers that he has contracted an illness, but disregards it, saying that he would like to live his life for what he believes in. Eventually, Suzuki joins Sakaki and Hongo in tracking down weapon dealers, curious to find a job he could use martial arts for. Suzuki notes that Sakaki is too reckless in his attacks while Hongo is too careful, and has them switch their stances. The next day, he is overjoyed to see that the two took on his suggestion. Suzuki later demonstrates his ability at copying their moves, earning him compliments from the two masters. Later, he sees Sakaki's older sister, falling in love with her to the point where he quickly eliminates the other weapon dealers and decides to protect the lunch that she sends the three while the other two fighters chase after the truck. Sometime during this period, he takes up a job teaching children karate.


Hongo kills Suzuki

Suzuki's last moments in life come when Yami lures him to the pagoda, forcing him to fight a death match with Sakaki and Hongo, neither of which are as enthusiastic to fight him as he is to fight them. Suzuki ask both of his friends to attack him seriously as hedoesn't have much time in life. Sakaki refuse to kill his friend and want him to live, but Hongo understood that Suzuki want to die in a battle as martial artist and accept to fight him seriously to the death. As Suzuki leaps to elbow Hongo from above, he is killed with Hongo's knife hand. As his last request, Suzuki asks Hongo to leave his eyes open, so that he would be able to see Hongo's final battle with Sakaki. His death ignites a rage in Sakaki that ultimately tears apart his friendship with Hongo.

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