Hakkyokuken: A style of Chinese martial arts that Natsu Tanimoto is shown to use along with Hikaken. Hakkyokuken is also called Bajiquan(Eight Extremes Fist).(八極拳)

Hakkyokuken is a style that emphasized strong striking power. All powers are generated from legs and feet. It is widely used by the security guards in Taiwan and China.

List of TechinquesEdit

  • Sōtenshu: Places both palm's on the opponent side by side and pushes.
  • Sei Shin Kou: Tanimoto grabs onto his opponent's waist and slams his own waist into his opponent's while placing his other hand above his head to guard against further attacks.
  • Ten Zan Kou: Hermit brings his foot to his opponent's foot and sidesteps him, proceeding to launch an elbow attack to the vitals of his opponent's back.
  • Kyousa (Grim Cross): Sougetsu Ma's ultimate move uses two weaker attacks that hit the enemy's sides with little effect and a third primary attack toward the center at the stomach to augment damage in a similar manner to a gamma knife.
  • Chouchukikoku Uryuu Banda (Black Dragon Smash): a combination move visually depicted as similar to Kenichi's Strongest Combos. Tanimoto appears to use a direct palm strike to the enemy's front, following it by pulling his enemy's arm downwards while striking his open body, an upward palm strike to the enemy's chin, seemingly followed by Kyousa, and then Uryuu Banda. This is first shown in Battle 298, when Tanimoto attacks the Russian soldiers sent to kill him.
  • Geki Tou Chou Chuu: Launch an a elbow attack to the side of the body.
  • Senkyuutai: The user performs a sharp high-kick from an one arm-handstand to the opponent's face.

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