Hartini is the daughter of Menang


Hartini is relatively calm and cheerful and loyal to her father and Junazard. She seems to be amazed easily by certain individuals, such as how Kenichi was fighting Miu and brought her back to her senses. She cares for their well-being, such as how she was horrified when Kenichi was struck in the back by Pengulu and said this was too cruel for Kenichi to deal with and when she believed Miu to have been pierced by Pengulu. She's also brave, fighting her own people and master opponents.

She's quite perceptive for her age, as in Hongo's fight with Junazard she correctly guessed that Hongo was throwing himself to the ground to dodge Jenazad's moves, something Sakaki noted she has good eyes.


Hartini is a short little girl with short dark hair above her shoulders, dark skin and wears Tidat clothes and leg guards and a turf on her head.

Plot OverviewEdit

Hartini is first seen in her viliage tending to a confused Miu and trying to calm her down. Later, she watches when she trains in their fighting style and is amazed how quickly she learned it. She is present for Kenichi's fight with Miu alongside her father in a cell. She becomes impressed by how well Kenichi is fighting despite how outclassed he is. She reacts in shock when her father leaves the cell to throw Kenichi his guards for fighting Pengulu. Hartini is later horrified by how beaten up Kenichi is from the assault by Miu and Pengulu and comments how cruel this is. She is later happy that Miu is back to normal. After Pengulu is defeated, Hartini assists Kenichi in escaping with Miu before the building collapses and helps her father fight the master opponents. When she's about to be killed, Kenichi saves her. Just as her father is almost killed by the warriors, John comes in and defeats them all, revealing himself to be Saiga in disguise. When her father tries to attack Saiga and breaks his arm, she rushes over to him and Saiga gives her some medicine to give to him once a week.


Despite her small and young size, Hartini is a fairly strong person and speciallizes in Pencak Silat. Even a master opponent briefly commented that her skills are good. She's also perceptive, correctly guessing that Hongo was slaming himself to the ground to dodge Jenazad's moves, something even Sakaki commented on.

Battle LogEdit

with Menang vs 5 Tidat Masters (interupted by Saiga)