# Japanese Release Date Japanese ISBN
May 16, 2014 978-4-09-125016-2
Shijō Saikyō no Deshi Kenichi Shijō Saikyō no Hidensho
History's Strongest Disciple Kenichi History's Strongest Book of Secrets
Pages: 240
Cover Characters: Kenichi Shirahama, Miu Fūrinji, Haruo Niijima
Chapter List:
  • Color Illustrations
  • Ryōzanpaku
  • Shinpaku Alliance and other Katsujinken
  • Yami
  • Making Of
  • Column


Summary Edit

History's Stongest Disciple Kenichi Official Guidebook was authored by Syun Matsuena. The Shinpaku Alliance and Haruo Niijima are listed as supervising editors and collaborators. It reads as if it was written by Niijima himself. The guidebook contains amongst others color illustrations that were published in Weekly Shōnen Sunday Magazine during the series' run, character profiles, columns written by Niijima that reveal "secret" information, an interview with Syun Matsuena, and a making of that explains how a manga page is drawn. The character profiles list a character's affiliation, ki type, nickname/title, age, birthday, height, weight, measurements (female characters only) hobbies, likes, dislikes, grades (for those who still attend school) and dreams for the future. Character pages can furthermore contain a battle log, a list of techniques used by that character, information tidbits and comments by Matsuena. The amount of information given depends on the importance of a character. .

Credibility Edit

All data has been compiled by Matsuena and his staff from Wazadepa and thus can be considered canon. However, this guidebook was published several months before the series ended and thus does not contain information about events, developments and characters that appeared after its publication date. No revised second edition has been announced so far.

Errata Edit

Although most information is believed to be correct, there are a few printing errors that have been corrected by Wazadepa's staff on the official website's BBS.[1]

The following corrections have been made so far:

  • Page 22: Error: Weight: 50 kg; Correction: Weight: 50 kg → 62 kg (after training).
  • Page 22: "Chikama" was added to Kenichi's likes.
  • Page 49: Hayato Fūrinji did not teach his "Kirinukite" technique to Hajime Suzuki, but to Kai Midō.
  • Page 148: Isshinsai Ogata's age was corrected from 38 years to 28 years.
  • Page 149: Ogata did not create the group Chronos, but the Titans.
  • Page 168: Mikumo Kushinada's ki type is listed as Dou. Her correct ki type is Sei.
  • Page 226: "Collecting antiques" was added to Raki Hoshinano's hobbies.
  • Page 227: "Tsugaru shamisen" was added to Yui Sayama's hobbies.


References Edit

  1. Wazadepa:

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