Takeda was once a successful boxer with a professional career in his future. He had a best friend who trained with him and watched his back and the two would fight together. However one day, an incident occured when Takeda's friend was attacked by some thugs. Takeda came to help his friend but during the fight he recieved a serious injury to his left arm leaving it paralyzed, leaving Takeda and his friend laying on the ground defeated and injured. Takeda's friend recovered and left him behind to become famous, leaving Takeda all alone with his career ruined, and his left arm useless. This caused Takeda to lose his love for fighting and become a delinquent. Later, he joined Ragnarok and met Ukita, who would later become his new best friend. Both of them would later climb up the ranks and become enforcers for Kisara's Ragnarok unit, dubbed as the "Technique Trio" along side Taichi Kōga.

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