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James Shiba

James Shiba

First appearance
Battle 173 "God of Destruction Lives Under a Bridge"
The God of Destruction
Martial Art
James Shiba was a former champion boxer famous in the underworld where he got the nickname "The God of Destruction". James' right leg was crippled and right eye lost in a fight with the One Shadow of Yami. Since then he became a hermit, living under a bridge in a shack containing a boxing gym, coming out only to play Pachinko. Takeda's reaction implies that he is one of the few Grand Master-Class Boxers in the world.

Yami/YOMI SagaEdit

DofD Tournament ArcEdit

James Shiba is first seen coming out of a Pachinko parlor and being assaulted by a group of thugs. He effortlessly defeats them, and pummels Takeda after the latter tries to approach him. For two days, he doesn't come out of his shack, waiting for Takeda to leave while the Shinpaku captain waits at his front door. He does come out after Kenichi mentions Koetsuji's name, though takes this opportunity to steal the wallets of the two Shinpaku members. Seeing Takeda's persistence, James attempts to get rid of him by having him first find a supposedly non-existent two headed pachinko ball (which he found nearby, having been dropped by chance); then run to the sea while dragging a tire, find a rare breed of fish and sea slug, and then sing Tan-Tan-Tanuki while doing a hundred Hindu squats at a police box on the way back, (he found the fish and sea slug on his first try, the police cheered him on (as opposed to James's intent to get him arrested), and an old woman gave him a bento), all of which he passed. Despite this, James was still hesitant to take Takeda as a disciple, claiming he was only a shadow of what he was before, but upon hearing that Yami was involved and that he and Takeda had the same left straight best punch he agrees to train Takeda, noting he finally began to feel his boxing spirit arising again, believing that the meeting between him and Takeda was fate.

Master-Disciple Tag Match ArcEdit

James is shown later arguing with Koetsuji in a mustache feud, with the two pitting their disciples against each other and betting that the losing disciple's master must shave his mustache. Watching Takeda, James's demonstrates the fruits of his teachings as Takeda puts up a very strong fight against Kenichi, but right as Takeda is about to be finished off, James throws in a towel and forfeits the match, forgetting about the bet to cut off his mustache and blatantly refusing when reminded of it. However, as Akisame takes pity on him about it and decides to forget the bet, Shiba angrily grabs the razor and shaves off only a small part of his mustache and laughs while running away and Akisame yells his name in anger. He is chased by Shigure while Akisame tells her to "shave all the hair off of his body" for not shaving all of his mustache off and Shigure calls him a "mustache bastard" for running away.

Return to Japan ArcEdit

One night, after coming back from the liquor store, Shiba sees Takeda, Freya, Kisara, Ukita and Shiratori all out on the town having just left a karaoke bar together. He then notices that he's been followed by assasins from a criminal organization he owes money to. Shiba decides to take advantage of the situation and punches a thug sending him flying towards his disciple. He considers the gesture a "stylish gift" to Takeda; it's a way for his student to show his mettle and fighting prowess to impress the girls he is with. The rest of the thugs attack the youngsters and Shiba himself is impressed with how capable Kisara, Freya and Shiratori are in the fight. The next day, during yet another grueling training session he is giving to Takeda, they run into Kenichi, Miu and Ukita discussing his upcoming fight against Shiratori. Shiba bluntly declares with certainty that Ukita will lose. He informs them that the world is split into types of people: "Those who wait" who are blessed with talent and will always have the advantage and "Those who don't wait" that naively believe that putting forth enough effort can overcome such talents. He points to Miu as someone with talent, Ukita as someone without and Kenichi as a rare exception; a talentless "Bug" that goes against the theory and inspires others to dream the impossible. Takeda tries to defend Ukita by saying his constant training is what has brought him this far but Shiba reprimands him with a punch and tells him just like Shiratori he is another one with actual talent. Before leaving with his disciple to train some more, Shiba states that people should embrace who they are and not try to be anything more or less.

The day of the fight James is proven right when on the roof of the school Shiratori easily defeats Ukita as Kenichi, Miu and Kisara look on. A man working for the organization Shiba owes money to then shows up and accosts the teenagers with a gun intending to kidnap one of them to use as bait to lure James out. Wanting to protect Kisara, Ukita tackles the gunman sending them both flying off of the roof. It's then that James Shiba makes his appearance having been secretly watching the proceedings. On a lower floor, he punches out the windows and catches the falling Ukita, who is still clutching the gunman. Impressed with his guts, he declares he wouldn't expect anything less from a friend of his disciple. He takes Ukita to Ryozanpaku so that Akisame can heal him fearing that his injuries were more severe. Akisame glowingly praises him for his actions believing he's becoming a better person but his mood changes after Shiba reveals he was actually responsible for what happened. Angered that Shiba would endanger the youngsters by putting them in the middle of his shady activities, he goes after the boxer intent on teaching him a lesson. While Akisame pursues him, Shiba  runs into Miu in the hallway and is surprised to see that her Ki has awakened. After taking some tea from a tray she was holding, he is eventually cornered by Akisame in a room containing the sculptor's Momimomi statue and threatened to harm it forcing the Jujitsu master to back off. Shiba then scolds Akisame for his hypocrisy arguing that in comparison with what he did, the Ryozanpaku masters put Kenichi in more danger by introducing him to the world of martial arts. Kenichi corrects him stating it was his own choice as he is on this path to protect those he cares about. Shiba calls him naive before jumping out a window breaking one of the statue's arms in the process and running away to escape Akisame wrath.

Titan ArcEdit

Following Takeda's fight with Lugh, Shiba starts scolding him for a draw with Lugh and Takeda says it's true, Shiba actually places his hands on his shoulders stating he's glad he's alright, much to Takeda shock. Shiba states that when you fight you always risk to lose everything for a moments distraction but states that he survived a fight with a YOMI member because he was good at concentrating, as expected from his disciple as Takeda notes this is the first time he's ever praised him. He goes on to state that as martial artists of free rules, their boxing who fights with only their fists are for gentlemen and that when your opponent uses their whole body against your fists you are at a disadvantage, but we keep fighting because they are boxers. He realizes that now Takeda is ready for "secret boxing" techniques and are techniques he will need to fight opponents with weapons and believes Takeda is ready to learn them. As he tells him his Hell training will begin tommorow, Takeda states he promised the girls he'd go to the amusement park with them, which Shiba seems to be fine with and even gives him some pocket money. He has Takeda work out on a punching bag and comments to himself how surprised he is over how much he cares for Takeda and wonders what Akisame would say about him now.

The Eternal Sunset ArcEdit

Later he is seen with Akisame Koetsuji, Shio Sakaki, Apachai Hopachai, Kensei Ma, Kagero Sai, and Danki Kugatachi preparing to rescue Shigure Kosaka. However, he didn't fight the enemy soldiers and told Akisame that his target is just one person while putting his hand on his eye patch. After confronting several of the Yami masters, James, along with the other masters, engages battle with Yami. After Edeltraft splits the masters up, James is seen engaging Ogata.  According to Ogata, Shiba has been "gone for a long time", much to Akisame´s chagrin.

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