Judo is a competitive and aggressive varation of jujutsu, and is a style centered around its heavy use of different throwing and takedown/tackling techniques.


  • Reverse Shrimp Shoulder Throw: Ukita stand back to back with his opponent. He then grabs his opponent neck with his left hand and grabs his opponents left arm with his right hand. Ukita then throws his opponent over his shoulder and into his ground.
  • Kata Guruma: This technique is a basic shoulder throw where the user grabs the opponent by the neck, loops one of his arms under his opponent's legs, and then throws his opponent with all of his upper body strength onto the ground. This technique is one of Ukita's favorite moves and is one of the only moves seen used by him.
  • Arashi Guruma (storm wheel): Ukita grabs his opponent by the neck and loops one of his arms under his opponent's legs, lifting him up in what appears to be a typical judo throw. Upon throwing his opponent on the ground, however, Ukita supplements this with a turn and a back body slam. Notably, this move does not seem to incorporate as much strength as his other moves do, and is even complimented by Chikage as a "special move", implying that it has connections to the Kushinada jujitsu style or that it was developed due to the correction of Ukita's movements from his extended contact to Chikage's manipulations.
  • Ushiro Ukemi: After getting thrown Kenichi lands on his back.
  • Oogoshi: A judo move where the user lifts their opponent over their shoulder and slams them onto the ground.

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