Battle LogEdit

Present BattlesEdit

  • vs Kenichi (Loss)
  • vs Kisara's thugs (Won)
  • vs underling's of Ryuto (Won)
  • vs Li Raichi (Loss)
  • vs Yami weapon's user (Won)
  • vs Shiratori (Loss)

Team BattlesEdit

  • with Takeda vs Miu (Loss)
  • with Takeda vs Kisara and her underlings (Loss)
  • with Takeda and Kenichi vs Loki's thugs (Won)
  • with Takeda, Miu and Niijima vs Loki's thugs (Won)
  • with Takeda vs Berserker (Loss)
  • with Kisara, Takeda, Siegfried and Shinpaku grunts vs. Li Raichi (Loss)
  • with Kenichi, Miu, Renka, Kisara, Siegfried, Takeda, Niijima, and Shinpaku grunts vs. Li Tenmon (Loss)
  • with Kisara, Niijima, and Siegfried vs. Capoeira team members (Won)
  • with Takeda, Kenichi, Miu, Thor, and Kisara vs Yami weapon's division (Won)
  • with Kenichi and Chikage vs Yami weapons division (Won)
  • with Kenichi, Miu, Thor, Takeda, Kisara, Chikage, Freya, and Siegfried vs Ishida (interupted by Sakaki)

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