Kaede Tanimoto

Kaede Tanimoto was the younger sister of Natsu Tanimoto, the ex-Six Fist of Ragnarok.


Kaede and Natsu were orphans until they were adopted by a wealthy business man. Natsu worked hard to be the best heir his step-father could be for his sister, who was born with a deadly illness. When the step-father finally took Kaede to one of his medical ficilities, he fell in love with the female doctor working there and married her. For a brief period, the family of four were happy, with even the step-father sincerely smiling. However, the peace was short-lived, as the step-father was found dead one morning, though the police were unable to confirm the cause. The police immediately suspected the step-mother as the culprit and took her away, leaving Natsu to run the company by himself. Sometime later, Natsu discovered that the step-mother never really treated Kaede's sickness and that her condition had worsened. While on her death bed, Kaede's final words were for her brother to never give in.


  • In the Manga color pages, Kaede's hair was colored brown. In the Anime, however, her hair is blond like her brother.
  • Kaede means "maple" in Japanese.