• Insou Double Kick Seal: Kajima arranges his hands into a unusual seal, with a method similar to how ninjas perform hand seals. By using this seal, Kajima is able to tense up his arms in a special way, allowing his legs to kick and move with at least thrice the normal strength and speed, after which the user proceeds to kick the opponent into the air with one leg, then kick them a second time in midair with the other leg.
  • Sokuinsou-Koshu Seal: Kajima performs a seal with his toes, in order to strengthen the hands and increase the striking power of his next attack.
  • Fuurinji Chigiguruma : Kajima crouches down on his knees, then proceeds to pounce towards his opponent in a powerful spiral motion, while having his arms pointed outwards in order to cause serious damage to the opponent upon impact.
  • Shinsou Chuushuu no In: Taking advantage of his unique flexiblity, Kajima intercepts an opponent's attack with his arm, then proceeds to closing the space between him and his opponent and blocking the following attack with the exact same arm, leaving the opponent open to an elbow strike from the other arm.
  • Tokkan Nirenhou: Kajima attacks the opponent with a powerful punch up close while twisting the arm upon contact with the opponent.
  • Mugetsu no Mai: A unique fighting stance, Kajima uses this stance in order to land a strong blow to the opponent.
  • Amanome Tamahagane-Uchi: Kajima grabs the opponent by their leg then proceeds to smash them onto the ground around them multiple times with brute force.
  • Shinogidachi: A powerful Ki-based technique. By condensing their own Ki and allowing it to explode outwards from their body, the user can temporarily shut down the pressure points on whatever part of the opponent's body that they hit, temporarily stopping the muscles from hardening and disrupting the vital force of the opponent's body, overall making the opponent's body defenseless and fragile enough to be able to kill them in one blow if the technique hits the opponent directly. This technique is a powerful, unavoidable technique, but is also a double-edged sword, as the user takes unhealable damage to themselves as a result of using this technique.
  • Rentaigai: After condensing his own Ki, Kajima explodes it inwards instead of outwards, allowing himself to harden his muscles and completely withstand the force of whatever attack he gets hit with.

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